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Since we started broadcasting Wurfsendung programmes in summer 2004 there has been a huge reaction. You can find a selection of the press reviews and listeners’ reactions here.

01.12.2008 01.12.2008 almost died laughing...

“…my compliments on this series! I used to be a critic but now I’m a genuine fan.”

“… I have always wanted to declare my praise for the Wurfsendung programmes. But the one I just heard with the dog barking to the beat (Beatbox series, Ed.). - simply classic, I almost died laughing!...”

“…The Wurfsendung programme: in part ridiculous, better selection required…"

“…the only programme which I am completely unable to make head or tail of, is the “Wurfsendung”… Does it make sense and I just don’t get it, or does it count as modern art and there is no actual connection between the individual audio clips? That’s not supposed to be purely negative, but as I haven’t yet managed to make any sense of these audio clip snippets, I just wanted to ask...”

“… I am a great fan of the little Wurfsendung programmes on Deutschlandradio and am delighted to discover the opportunity of listening again online…”

“… I find the Wurfsendung programmes magnificent. Is it possible to get involved by sending in texts and/or suggestions or ideas for Wurfsendung programmes?...”

“…I find the “Wurfsendung programmes” do nothing but irritate. It is clear to me that a style has been deliberately chosen to caricature typical advertisements. The format of the spots is also copied very well, so well in fact, that I react in the same way as when I hear an advertisement. I IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF THE RADIO….”

“…we have been listeners of DR Kultur for many years. Today I must at last pay you my compliments for the “Wurfsendung programmes”!!!!!! It is rare to find such a good idea, as the scattering of these small witty, often ingenious interludes, short radio plays into the programme. I like it a lot.
Unorthodox, sometimes perhaps also somewhat odd, but original. Keep it up!”

“Of course the Wurfsendung programmes aren’t broadcast often enough.”