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Since we started broadcasting Wurfsendung programmes in summer 2004 there has been a huge reaction. You can find a selection of the press reviews and listeners’ reactions here.

13.09.2010 The very best

"I would like to nominate the Wurfsendung programme for the Grimme Award. The "Wurfsendung programme" format deserves just such an award. These are short, amusing and inspiring spoken contributions that don't seek the punchline at any price, but rather turn the spotlight on everyday thoughts or events for the duration of the piece." (Marcellus Gau, 3 August 2010)

"Dear friends, the very best thing on Deutschlandradio Kultur is the Wurfsendung programme! Thank you!" (Hansgert Lambers, March 1, 2010)

"as I discovered today, your product placement goes so far, that in a Wurfsendung programme you not only mention the "real" supermarket chain, but also various items which can be bought there. that's going too far. (Dieter Drajewski, 20.06.2010 Note: "Verliebter Mann" ("Man in love") is a Wurfsendung programme by Stefanie Schütz from the series "Stadt im Schatten"("City in Shadow"))

"Delightful, the Wurfsendung programmes." (Jürgen Heintzmann, 31 July 2010)

"First of all I would briefly like to say that my husband, who is an avid radio listener, has been listening to nothing but Deutschlandradio Kultur for months. One of the things he likes most of all is the Wurfsendung programmes" (Kerstin Lückemeyer, 23 December 2009)

"At first I was completely opposed to the Wurfsendung programme. In the meantime I find some of the pieces very good. They also break up the program and don't annoy me with a posturing "please buy this", as is usual elsewhere. "(Angelika, 30 October 2009)