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Since we started broadcasting Wurfsendung programmes in summer 2004 there has been a huge reaction. You can find a selection of the press reviews and listeners’ reactions here.

08.09.2009 Profoundly funny

"Dear Wurfsendung programme editor,
I was in Wassersuppe ("Water Soup") on Sunday by bicycle with friends - encouraged by your Wurfsendung programme, which we heard while picnicking at the lake, and then naturally listened to again. Thank you very much indeed for the crazy, funny Wurfsendung programmes… "
(Wolfgang Perlak, 25th August 2009 / Note: "Wassersuppe ("Water Soup") / Brandenburg" is a Wurfsendung programme directed by Stella Luncke and Josef Maria Schäfers from the series "Routes & Places")

"Wurfsendung programme 20.12.08 Market Research 5 by Britta Steffenhagen. I cannot tell you at all, h o w profoundly funny I found this programme. And I've got no idea why. But I'm not going to think any more about it, I'd rather carry on laughing. "(René de Jonghe, 5th January 2009)

"Dear Deutschlandradio programme editor,
I am a passionate fan of your programme and listen to Deutschlandradio Kultur every day, but one thing disturbs me greatly: I find the Wurfsendung programmes neither entertaining nor witty, but simply soul-destroying. "(Jeannette Villachicha, 18th May 2009)

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, why can I not listen to or download "Abgelauschte Sätze" ("well-overheard sentences") by Andreas Jungwirth ? It is sooooooo beautiful! "(Amira Al-Dahoodi-Kauschke, 2nd June 2009)