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Since we started broadcasting Wurfsendung programmes in summer 2004 there has been a huge reaction. You can find a selection of the press reviews and listeners’ reactions here.

Press reviews and reactions

13.09.2006 Press reviews - "Something is new in the state of Denmark" - VUPTI

Already a cult here, the WURFSENDUNG can now be heard in Denmark as well. ... more

17.07.2006 Press reviews - LISTENERS’ REACTIONS

Hello Deutschlandradio, without beating about the bush I’ll come straight to the point: where do you get the items for the “wurfsendungen”? They are simply wonderful! ... more

12.05.2006 Press reviews - PRESS REVIEW

The “Wurfsendung” is Deutschlandradio Kultur’s innovation, the cutting edge with which it wants to change radio throughout the world. ... more