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Since we started broadcasting Wurfsendung programmes in summer 2004 there has been a huge reaction. You can find a selection of the press reviews and listeners’ reactions here.
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Press reviews and reactions

23.10.2007 Listener reactions - We call ourselves Nano and Mu

“The Wurfsendung is just so terrific, with a couple of exceptions I find the ideas brilliant. It’s a shame that everything can’t be listened to again for copyright reasons.” ... more

15.08.2007 Listener reactions - “Genaugenaus” in the summer pool of classics

Gracias! This really is a friendly and fast listener’s service! Well done! I was very pleased to receive your reply and will surprise my sweetheart this evening with the exact definition of a “Genaugenaus”! ... more

12.02.2007 Listener reactions - "Basketball"

Dear Team,

today, 5.1., shortly before 9:54 am - so before the Calendar Leaf – I heard an item about a man who used to throw books instead of balls into the baskets on the basketball court and who for this reason was thrown off the court by the coach. ... more

04.12.2006 Press reviews - The Wurfsendung on tour

Die Wurfsendung has spent a lot of time on the road in recent years - in Berlin, Manchester, Magdeburg and many other cities. The mini-radio play format has been a guest at festivals, in literature houses and in theatres. ... more

04.12.2006 Press reviews - Awards for the Wurfsendung

- in 2004 the Wurfsendung was awarded a special commendation at the PRIX EUROPA
- in 2005 the Wurfsendung won the RADIO JOURNAL BROADCASTING AWARD
... more