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Latest reports and recent news. In this area we keep you up-to-date on current developments and exciting projects concerning the wurfsendung programmes.



International "Wurfsendung"

Three of the latest productions are basically wordless - thus for everyone! ... more


Groovy: „The Sound I Saw“

Jerry Berndt is a photographer. A brilliant photographer, but also a jazz enthusiast, rhythm & blues fan and a radio maniac. That's why he has produced "Wurfsendungen" that are like snapshots - „The Sound I Saw“.
... more


Wurfsendung programmes in open air cinemas, Berlin and Dresden

If the summer does arrive this year, then it's time for open air cinema again. Film fans in Dresden and Berlin can hear an exclusive collection of Wurfsendung programmes as a prelude before the midnight movie at the "Filmnächten am Elbufer" cinema in Dresden, or before the Sunday film in the "Freiluftkino Insel" cinema in Berlin-Friedrichshain. ... more


Humming around (Rumsummeleien)

"Quod erat demonstrandum" and "abracadabra" – from 7 June, we are broadcasting charms and spells, Latin phrases and telephone improvisations over the airwaves. ... more


"Attention, please!" - Wurfsendung programme on the podium

"Attention, please! Radio drama in the age of the shorter attention span" is written above the symposium in the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig from 19.02. until 21.02.2010.
... more